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A little about me. My name is Izzy! I have been a photographer for over 10 years now! I never thought my passion for art and photography would ever become my full time career but boy am I so happy it did.

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I was born in Northern Virginia I am a mom of the wildest most precious 4 year old boy named Rhett! He is my biggest motivator and source of happiness. Everything I do, I do for him. I am currently located in Nashville, TN! When I am not out living my dream life documenting your love stories you can find me chasing my son around or lifting weights in the gym. I have never been a homebody. I am always on the go and you’ll never catch me in one location for long.

Thrifting, early mornings, and a good iced coffee, or a Home Depot basket full of plants are sure to make me happy. Hand me a film camera and a roll of film and I’ll find an adventure.

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my philosophy

I want to document your life exactly the way it happens. I want you to forget I am there and just enjoy the people you are with. Whether that is your fiancé, or your family - I am not here for a photoshoot - I am here to capture the intimate moments between you and the ones you love.

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